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Qbasic PC Game Downloads    more game downloads
Program Name        Description
Monopoly Monopoly for QBasic.
Lith 2 MUST-SEE VGA RPG in a 3D maze.
Tic Tac Toe VGA Tic-Tac-Toe with BSAVE graphics.
HERE Great Final-Fantasy-type map engine.
BattleCraft AMAZING mouse-oriented game using the mouse.
QBMatrix GREAT QBasic Tetris game. Fun, too.
Dark Crown 1 Awesome RPG w/ good graphics and story.
Card Games A bunch of card games.
World Cup Soccer A great QB soccer sim.
M.R.T. Mini Robotic Tanks - fun game!
Germs A Dr. Mario clone - fun!
Try Too The sequel to TRY. Similar, yet still fun.
Blast 3 Great text-only strategy game!  Best I've seen.
Hell Pit 1 Text/graphics RPG. Not bad.
Hell Pit 2 Sequel to the above - small improvements.
Fantasy 3 episodes of a RPG.
Flashback VGA, mouse Simon-type game.
Wheel Wheel-of-Fortune game.
Electme Election simulation game.
Ninja Wow! Ninja RPG-type game.
Hell Pit 3 The latest in the Hell Pit series.
MiniRpg 2 Wow! Cool RPG, great gfx!
Maze Interesting EGA maze game.
Logic Mind 3 Cool! "Mastermind" VGA game w/ mouse
Ziel EXCELLENT VGA RPG with awesome gameplay and graphics.
Ernie The adventures of Ernie the Parrot. (?)
Chess QB VGA chess using the mouse - cool!
Mine Sweeper Great QBasic version of the classic game.
Cyber-Box Excellent strategy game: push boxes around in lots of levels.
TetrisX Another Tetris clone, but VGA and very well done.
Zantar Adventure game - find the key and the exit. VGA.
Pearl 5 Excellent breakout-type game with awesome graphics.
Night Stalkers A nicely done RPG with a cool storyline.
Howard Tic tac toe using the mouse.. not bad.
Quest A well-made text RPG with a huge world.
Mines QB Minesweeper with adjustable difficulty. Nice.
Casino A cool slot machine game. Fun!
Bug A cool game where you run around on squares.. fun.
FSim 43 COOL 3D flight simulator demo w/ mouse. Must-see!
Death by Salt! A very fun and humorous game of hangman.
Blocker Fun, pac-man like maze game.
Truckin' A driving simulation.. really fun!
Galactic Wars A decent shooter that needs some work...
QB Cookie WOW!! Excellent action/arcade game.. must-see!
A Beefian Adventure A simple, yet funny text adventure game.
Space Trek Old-school space adventure game.. made in 1981 :)
Stock Market Shark Fun stock market simulation for 1-6 players.

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