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Pennsylvania State Constabulary

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Col. John C. Groome

Colonel John C. Groome
Pennsylvania State Police
First Superintendent

On July 1, 1905, Governor Samuel W. Pennypacker offered Captain John C. Groome, Commanding Officer of the First Troop Philadelphia Calvary
the unique post of Superintendent.
The Harrisburg Telegraph said, "It is fortunate that the experiment...is to be carried out under the supervision of an officer of the character and caliber of John C. Groome...Into no safer hand could the work of organizing the force be committed and his choice removes any misgivings as to the real aim of the new."
department." Constabualry
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Pennsylvania State Police Ghost Car

1930's Ghost Car

Featured in Documentary

Listen to the actual 1966 press conference
of the Shade Gap Mountain man child abduction...Click here
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Pennsylvania State Police Pistol Team

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The Pennsylvania State Police

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Pennsylvania State Police Documentary

President Theodore Roosevelt

Governor Samuel W. Pennypacker-1905

Gov. Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker

Untried by any state in the union, on May 2, 1905, Governor Samuel W. Pennypacker signed Senate Bill 278, an act creating the Department of State Police. This was the first of its kind in the nation. Immediately following the enactment there was national interest generated in this new venture for bringing law and order to the rural countrysides. Almost without exception every segment of the nation was faced with a rural law and order problem similar to that found in Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania's success with a state police organization was bound to influence the direction of other states. More 

Arrest of kidnapper

Arrest of kidnapper Wyoming County-1916

Historical Educational and Memorial Center Resources
The Pennsylvania
State Police - Historical,
Educational & Memorial Center    

Many states have been successful in establishing museums of their own state police organizations

HEMC looks forward with anticipation and excitement to that day when Pennsylvanians can visit, share and celebrate the rich history, culture and heritage of our Nation's First...the Pennsylvania State Police. 
Get involved today and show your support.  Visit the  Pennsylvania
State Police
Educational & Memorial Center's Web site.

PA State Police-Historical, Educational and Memorial Center   
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