What Your Car’s Color Reveals About You
Do you love the sleekness of a silver car? Or, do you prefer the raciness of cherry red?

It seems that your attraction to certain car colors actually may say something about who you are. Research has shown that the color you choose for your car can be a reflection of your personality. See what your car color has to say about you:

1. Red cars. Urban legend says that red cars get more speeding tickets than all other cars. This might sound reasonable because a red car might stand out in highway traffic. In fact, people responding to the website colormatters.com confirm the myth, at least anecdotally. On the other hand, nobody keeps statistics on that kind of thing and police won’t discuss it. Psychologists who specialize in color say that the type of person attracted to red is typically zestful, energetic and fast at talking, moving and acting. Sounds like a moving violation to us!

2. Black cars. Historically, in Western culture, black symbolizes death and destruction. However, Asian cultures often use the color white to stand for death, so we have to place color meaning in context. In modern America, black is the color of cool. Black is often seen as sophisticated and powerful. People who choose black cars are pictured as outsiders or rebels with aggressive natures.

3. Gold cars. Gold is the embodiment of stability and responsibility according to colorist lore. People who choose gold autos are organized, structured, practical and sensible. They believe that people should earn their way in life through work and service to others. Add to that their fierce loyalty and faithfulness and you should vote for the political candidate behind the wheel of a gold car.

4. Green cars. For a while automobile manufacturers seemed to stop making green cars but now they’re back in vogue. Green is similar to gold because it also represents stability, persistence and determination. However, those who choose green are often too persistent, resisting change unless evidence supports it beyond question. In our culture, of course, green represents money and wealth and a person’s subconscious understanding of this may influence automobile color choice.

5. Blue cars. Blue represents calmness, tranquility and psychological
contentment. People opting for a blue car often value balance and harmony, preferring lives free from tension. If you have a choice, try to drive next to blue cars rather than red ones.

6. Brown cars. Ever notice that only the government buys brown cars? That’s because brown is the symbol for neutrality and sameness and most individuals want a little pizzazz in their cars. Brown also symbolizes hesitation, uncertainty and doubt. If you want to avoid being noticed, buy a brown vehicle.

7. Purple cars. There are dozens of new shades of purple being used everywhere, from fashion to electronic gadgets to automobiles. Purple is the color of royalty and, as such, it denotes power, ambition and strength. People who pick purple as their car’s color really want to be noticed.

If you want to explore your own personality through your color preferences, check out colorquiz.com.