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  The core of a successful business: Empowered employees. to achieve goals, meet deadlines, uphold quality and satisfy customers. Team members are often the face of the company, manning the front lines while interacting with consumers.  ... And these initiatives should be focused on empowering employees.
■  Full-time & part-time employees
■  Casual employees
■  Fixed term and contract.
  Apprentices and trainees
■  Commission and piece rate employees

Motivated employees are key to your company's success in the digital age.

Have you noticed how increasing percentages of television commercials and print ads seem to have a digital component as part of the product pitch? Whether it’s apps, websites, artificial intelligence or even virtual reality, it’s time to take a deep dive into what your customers’ digital experience means for your business.

  Starting a Business QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Successful Small Business, Turning Your Vision into Reality, and Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Dream.
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No matter what type of business you'd like to develop, your dream will NEVER become a reality unless you TAKE ACTION. This is first and most important step to becoming wealthy. This seems like such a simple little thing; however, this is where most people fail.

They never take the first step. Whether they are stuck in the 9-5 rat race, lacking motivation, lacking money, lacking time, or are just afraid of failure, they don't even try. That's so sad, as they never even give themselves a real chance.

If you truly want it bad enough, no matter what obstacles are in your way, you can make it happen. Whatever is preventing you from pursuing your dream, there is a solution. It's just a matter of taking action and finding the solution.

You see, that's what sets millionaires apart from most people. They take action and find solutions to whatever may be standing in their way.

Failure to Develop a Plan

Would you go on a trip across the country without your GPS or at least a road map? Of course not! Then why try to run a business without a plan?

Without a plan, you're setting yourself up for failure. Without a plan, you have no direction and will travel in circles, never reaching your destination. This would be counter productive and a complete waste of your time.

It is very important that you develop a plan of action and set some short-term reachable goals and long-term higher goals. However, don't set them too high, as this will cause you to become discouraged if you don't achieve them.

Write your goals down on a piece of paper and consistently work toward accomplishing your short-term goals each day, each week and each month until you reach them. You should then set your goals a little higher each time. By accomplishing your short-term goals, you will eventually achieve your long-term goals.

Lack of Self Discipline

How long do you think you would keep a job working for someone else if you missed a lot of days, or were late all the time? Not very long.

If you apply this concept to running your own business, do you think your business will be successful if you only work it on the weekend, or now and then? Of course not. You are again setting yourself up for failure.

You should get up early each day and prepare for your job - just like you would if you were working for someone else. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish each day and work through the list until the tasks are complete.

You must take your business very seriously and consistently work at it on a regular schedule.

Lack of Self Motivation

You must be motivated and enthusiastic about your business. Surround yourself with motivated, happy people, such as coaches, mentors or other support people to give you the push you need when you're slacking or procrastinating. These people produce positive energy.

Avoid people who try to discourage you from pursuing your dreams, as these people produce negative energy and only serve to bring you down.

No matter what business opportunity you enter into, there will always be people, including your own family and friends, who try to discourage you. They will make negative comments, such as "This is a scam," or "You'll never make any money on the Internet," or "You need to get a 'real' job." However, if you really think about the people who make these comments, you will most likely find that they are stuck in brick and mortar jobs, running the 9-5 rat race each day. These people are usually very conservative and afraid to take chances. The truth is, they will most-likely never make any REAL money.

Always surround yourself with like-minded people who are already what you're striving to be or who support you and your goals.

If you're working with a marketing group of some sort that offers motivational/training conference calls, call in and get the support you need. This can make a world of difference.

Failure to Invest in Your Business

You must be willing to invest in your business - both time and monetarily.

No matter what type of business you want to start, Internet or brick and mortar, there will always be a start up cost. You must be willing to invest in your business by setting aside some money to start your business.

In addition, if you want your business to grow and continue to grow, not only must you invest your time, but you must also invest a portion of your profits back into your business.

Too Many Irons in the Fire

Instead of focusing on several projects, and giving each project only a portion of your attention, focus on just one project and work it until it is successful.

You must take the time to fully promote your project and continue to promote it until it can stand on its own. You can then move on to another project.

By making a few simple changes in your life, you can almost guarantee that you will become much more successful.








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