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Welcome! This page will provide with a detail step-by-step instructions on the general
maintenance of your computer. Information on all the necessary tools and supplies you
need in order to accomplish your PC cleaning are also furnished.  PRINT INSTRUCTIONS


cleaning supplies
Cleaning Supplies  
Here's a list of cleaning supplies you'll need:
Canned air: A PC janitor's best friend. Goes
where brushes and wipes can't reach
Contact cleaning solution: A special solution
for removing dust, grime and corrosion from the
metal contacts on expensive cards.
Handheld vacuum cleaner: A real time saver in
a dusty environment.

Lint- free wipes and swabs:  Won't leave unwanted residue as
most rags and paper towels do.
PC cleaning solution: A circuit
board-safe solution for cleaning
the interior of a computer.
Small and medium-size brushes:
Wonderful for cleaning those hard
to-reach nooks and crannies.
A clean PC is a happy PC. Accumulations of dirt, smoke, and
grime can cause all kinds of
problems-from a jumpy mouse
to a full system crash. Performing
the following tasks every six
months-or more often if your
computer is in exceptionally
dusty or smoky room-should keep
your system running smoothly.

1. Get the right tools Computers need
special cleaning supplies. Refer to above
segment  "Cleaning Supplies" for a list
of proper cleaning  items. And remember
the supreme rule of PC cleaning: Never
apply cleaning solution directly to the

2. Clean the case. Clogged air vents
lead to overheating, which can slowly
kill your PC. Clear all case openings -
especially the vent for the power supply
fan-of accumulated dust or other
obstructions with a lint-free rag or
compressed air. When spraying air, try
not to blow the dust back into the case.

3. Clean the motherboard. Open
your system, try to remove dust with a
small vacuum cleaner. Otherwise,  blow
out and dust with compressed air. Make
sure you

cleaning vent
remove dust from the case, not just
relocate it. Wipe surfaces with a lint-
free rag or swab.

4. Clean the mouse. Cure jumpy
cursors with a quick mouse cleaning.
Rotate the circular cover on the underside of the mouse and remove
the ball.

Take a swab or the end of a paper
clip and scrape any accumulated
grime from each of the guide wheels
in the cavity. Rub the mouse ball with
a cloth to remove any oil or grime.

5. Clean the keyboard. Blow out
dust from between keys with a shot
of compressed air. Wipe surfaces
with a smooth rag moistened with
a diluted computer cleaning solution.
(Both are available at your local
computer store.)

6. Clean Monitor. Monitors are
literally dust magnets. Wipe dust
from the screen with a damp soft
rag. If you need to use a cleaning
solution to remove stuck-on dirt
make sure your monitor has no
special coatings that may be
damaged by cleaning solvents.
Also, remember to remove dust
from any vents or openings.

PC Areas to Clean

compressed air spray cleaning mouse cleaning monitor
Motherboard      Mouse       Monitor


Bankers Box Keyboard & Mouse Cleaning Kit, 16 Wipes, 16 Swabs & 6-oz. Cleaning Solution/Kit 99713 / FEL99713

Kensington Duster II (Twin pack) Keyboard & Mouse Cleaning Kit, 16 Wipes, 16 Swabs & 6-oz. Cleaning Solution/Kit Data Wipes Lint Free
Cleaning Cloths for PC
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