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Here's a list of cleaning supplies you'll need:
Canned air: A PC janitor's best friend. Goes where brushes and wipes can't reach
Contact cleaning solution: A special solution for removing dust, grime and corrosion from the metal contacts on expensive cards.
Handheld vacuum cleaner: A real time saver in a dusty environment.
Lint- free wipes and swabs:  Won't leave unwanted residue as most rags and paper towels do.
PC cleaning solution: A circuit board-safe solution for cleaning the interior of a computer.
Small and medium-size brushes: Wonderful for cleaning those hard to-reach nooks and crannies.

1. Get the right tools Computers need
special cleaning supplies. Refer to above
segment  "Cleaning Supplies" for a list
of proper cleaning  items. And remember
the supreme rule of PC cleaning: Never
apply cleaning solution directly to the

2. Clean the case. Clogged air vents
lead to overheating, which can slowly
kill your PC. Clear all case openings -
especially the vent for the power supply
fan-of accumulated dust or other
obstructions with a lint-free rag or
compressed air. When spraying air, try
not to blow the dust back into the case.

3. Clean the motherboard. Open
your system, try to remove dust with a
small vacuum cleaner. Otherwise,  blow
out and dust with compressed air. Make
sure you
remove dust from the case,
not just relocate it. Wipe surfaces
with a lint-free rag or swab.

4. Clean the mouse.
Cure jumpy
cursors with a quick mouse cleaning.
Rotate the circular cover on the underside
of the mouse and remove
the ball.
Take a swab or the end of a paper
clip and scrape any accumulated
grime from each of the guide wheels
in the cavity. Rub the mouse ball with
a cloth to remove any oil or grime.

5. Clean the keyboard. Blow out
dust from between keys with a shot
of compressed air. Wipe surfaces
with a smooth rag moistened with
a diluted computer cleaning solution.
(Both are available at your local
computer store.)

6. Clean Monitor. Monitors are
literally dust magnets. Wipe dust
from the screen with a damp soft
rag. If you need to use a cleaning
solution to remove stuck-on dirt
make sure your monitor has no
special coatings that may be
damaged by cleaning solvents.
Also, remember to remove dust
from any vents or openings.

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