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Welcome to Custom Email Headers.
If your interested in having a customized
graphic created at a low cost,  which can
be used for an email header or on a personal
document, simply follow the directions
we have provided below.
Click on one of the adjacent templates.
A sample header will be displayed.
Check block in form of which template
you would like to have customized.
Include personal data i.e., company or
department name, your name and
other related information below and
submit it... It's as simple as that!
Cost: only..$10.00 per/Graphic


Click on a Sample Template




Template no.4
template no.5
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Please provide your header information and submit it!

Your Name:

(First, Middle Initial, Last)


(Company or Department name to be displayed on header)

Co. Address:
(Company or Department address to be displayed on header)
Work Phone
(Phone number to be displayed on header)
(Email address to be displayed on header)
Pager :
(Include pager number you want displayed) 

Check block of template you have chosen:

no.1   no.2    no.3    no.4    no.5    no.6

     Any comments?   (indicate A or B if 2 headers were displayed)
Before submitting, please check all entries for accuracy.


                  Send check or money order to:                                       Tele-Video Graphics2536 Eastern Blvd. suite #402
                                                       York, Pa 17402

click here for questions

arrow.jpg (913 bytes)Graphic will be sent to your email in the form of an attachment.
  Have questions or need assistance? direct to: graphicsupport@----free2explore.com 
   Remove dashes after @ in above email address before sending.

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Payment Procedure

Sorry, no cash or C.O.D..
Payment must be
received either in the
form of a check or
money order. Once your
payment is received,
your ordered graphic
will be sent via email.

Reproduction in whole or in  part is strictly prohibited.  Al l trademarks are  property of their legal owners.
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