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DeskTop Manager Interactive Version
DeskTop Manager is an interactive desktop background enhancement that lets you make  entry into your email directly from your PC's desktop.

Moreover, the free2explore Desktop Manager allows you to neatly arrange your desktop applications, utilities,  programs and other icons by categories, there by allowing you to quickly find and execute your application or programs.  

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Installation is simple
Desktop Manager's installation is quick and
easy! ...After you receive your Desktop  
Manager...unzip and place all contents
into a folder in your computer's hard drive.

1. Right click on your PC's desktop and
    select properties; select the background
    settings; click on "browse" button; search
    for the file containing DeskTop Manager;
   click on the file called,  

2. Click apply, then "ok". The free2explore
    DeskTop should now be on your desktop.

3. Arrange desktop icons. Make sure your
    active desktop setting is set to, "view as
    web page" before loading active DeskTop


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The free2explore Desktop Manager shown
above is the the interactive Desktop version. 

The Active DeskTop Manager is equipped with an active digital clock and a time of day greeting. You can also enter your free2explore email account. Just input your username and password, log-in and you're there! 
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Note: Your desktop must support html -Active Desktop in order to receive all of the active DeskTop Manager's functions

DeskTop Version

If you prefer a free Desktop Manager without active desktop features, you merely click on
the "Standard" button located on the download
page after signing up. View Standard Desktop Version.

The free2explore DeskTop Manager is best
displayed with screen resolution set at 800x600.

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After logging-in you will be taken to the download page. At the download page select either Interactive or Standard DeskTop Manager.