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Are you still paying those internet access fees?       
Then you need to check out these free Interent Services!  


-NetZero : This ISP provides  Free direct access to anywhere
-on the Internet for a full 40 hours each month.  free email
account., 24-Hour Customer Support. Fast reliable connections, thousands of access numbers, the ZeroPort Speed Dial for the Web, personalized Start Page. NetZero is Compatible with popular instant messaging programs including AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo! Banner) advertising must remain on your screen at all times.
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-Juno Free Internet Access : Juno is a pay isp but now
-provides free internet access in exchange of showing
advertisements while you're online (close the ad, you close your internet connection). They claim to offer 56k connections, fax/voicemail/e-mail, and a12mb web site. For Juno's  Free basic service click here
Watch out for toll charges even for local numbers and read user agreements
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