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Bruce Lee Kung Fu Jacket Both Sides Wear Tops Martial Arts Long Jersey.

  • Classic tai chi kung fu shirt in traditional Chinese style; 100% quality guarantee
  • Combination of Chinese fashion and modern elements
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He Was Fast as Lighting ...
Enjoy our special tribute to the movie master of martial arts, 
A Warrior's Journey

A complex man with a singular talent, film star and martial arts legend Bruce Lee accomplished many things during his brief 32 years, his career highlight being Enter the Dragon (1973), the movie where his collective skill at karate, judo,
tai kwan do, tai chi chuan, hapkido, and Jeet Kune Do (an "anti-style of martial arts Lee created himself) were most spectacularly showcased on the big screen. But one thing Lee never completed was Game of Death, the movie he was writing, producing, directing, choreographing and starring in at the time of his death in 1973.

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Get Your Kicks
Bruce Lee photo Bruce Lee died after shooting only a few scenes of his ambitious Game of Death.
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Release Information:
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Theatrical Release Date: January 1, 1972
Video Release Date: August 31, 1999
Run Time: 110 minutes

Master of the Game
Bruce Lee photo The author of the "Tao of Bruce Lee" remembers his first on-screen encounter with the film star and martial arts legend. Read now.
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Bruce Lee photo The short but influential life story of the self-proclaimed "world's fittest man."

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Bruce Lee's: Fighting Method : Self-Defense Techniques
Volume 1

Volume 2
• Bruce Lee Remembered
• Bruce Lee Biography
An international bestseller
Tao of Jeet Kune Do

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Bruce Lee - The Master Collection Set