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The To Do List Wizard (TDLWiz) is a program which allows a person to create a To Do List by filling out some fields and pressing a button. It was created to save some time at work, and has since evolved in to a tool that other business or organizations will find useful..
In order for this program to work, you need to have your browser set to "accept cookies". You only have to sign in once, after that the cookie will be stored on your hard drive. Everytime you come back your TO DO list will automatically remember who you are! When you are ready to begin, please login or hit next.



  3 Reasons You Should
   Use a Daily Planner

  Helps with Time management
  Improves Productivity
  An Excellent Stress Reliever

  • TIME MANAGEMENT & PRODUCTIVITY TRACKING 12 monthly/weekly organizer whith TO DO list, additional added yearly and weekly views, wish list, check list, mind map & yearly goals pages.
  • FREE MONTHLY CALENDAR STICKERS Making dates more convenient for you to preview. You can use your calendar stickers in the notes column of the monthly page for easy browsing and use notes column for your spontaneous and important items.
  • REDUCE YOUR STRESS AND INCREASE EFFICIENCY - Undated version, you can be more flexible according to your needs to write dates and records. This help you in utilizing the planner to your own personal needs and avoids masses of blank and wasted space.


    Undated Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner with to-Do List, 5.75" x 8.25", Thick Paper + Back Pocket with 48 Notes Pages

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