The Society of American Magicians

The Society of American Magicians (SAM) was formed in 1902 and is the oldest active organization for magic in the world. It has 7,500 members. There are chapters in Germany, England, Japan and Hong Kong. SAM actively promotes magic as an entertainment and art form and has the world's largest youth program for magic called the Society for Young Magicians (SYM) with 1,400 members.Youths from ages 7 to 15 may join SYM.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians

The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) founded in 1922 is the world's largest organization for magicians with over 14,000 members worldwide. There are over 300 regional organizations called Rings in more than 73 countries. The International Brotherhood of Magicians is considered to be the most respected organization for amateur and professional magicians in the world and is for people who have a sincere interest in magic. IBM's website is http://www.magician.org/
 The Magic Circle

On the 1st July 1905 at Pinoli's famous restaurant in London, some twenty-three amateur and professional magicians assembled with the intention of forming a club. Thus The Magic Circle was born.

The inaugural meeting was held in a room above the Green Man Public House in Berwick Street in the heart of Soho. Later the Society met at St. George's Hall which then housed the famous Home of Mysteries run by Maskelyne and Devant. In fact, David Devant became the first President and, from thence forward, The Magic Circle prospered.

In 1906, Nevil Maskelyne edited the first issue of the Society's magazine 'The Magic Circular'. That first issue bore on its cover the signs of the zodiac which became the Society's emblem coupled with the Society's motto, 'Indocilis Privata Loqui', which roughly translated means not apt to disclose secrets'. The Magic Circular, which is published twelve times a year, now links the Society's membership worldwide.

The Magic Circle


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