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The operator shows three cards, generally two red aces and a black one. He throws them facedown on his table(or on the ground), mixes them up, and you bet you can pick out the black ace. If you do- a rare occurrence-he pays off two to one.

The operator usually has at least one shill (confederate/a person part of the trick) working with him. They place bets, win easily, and in so doing, induce spectators to take a chance. One classic ploy occurs when the operator looks away and his shil bends up a corner of the black ace. The operator, not noticing, throws the cards, and the crowd bets heavily. When the bent corner card is turned over, it proves not to be the black ace. The operator had secretly removed the bend and placed it on another card.


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Bend three cards, the ace of hearts, diamonds and spades, as in illustration A.

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Hold a red ace between the R. thumb and R.1 Pick up black ace in same hand between R. thumb and R.2 Throw black card down as illustrated. Now, in the same way, throw red ace to the left of black ace. Do this a number of times until you get the feel of it.

Make identical throw, but this time release the grip on the top (red) ace allowing it to fly off, and quickly replaceR.2’s grip on the transfer must be done imperceptibly or the move will be detected.
Line up three aces, black ace in middle.

Pick up C between R. Thumb and R.1, show, and say "Red Ace".

Pick Up A between L. thumb and L. 1, show and say "Red ace."

Pick B between R. thumb and R. 2 and say, "Black ace".

Throw C to left (switch).

Throw A about eights inches to right of C.

Throw B in center.

Pick up A in R.

Pick up C in L.

Throw A to the left of B.

Throw C to the right of B.

Pick up Band throw to the right of A.

Allow one spectator to point to the card he thinks is the black ace.

Repeat with various combinations of moves and always use clean, unmarked cards.

To make matters more confusing, you can use multiple switches. For example, after you make the first series of throws, you can pick up the cards again, without showing the faces, and do the switch one or more additional times.

If you think the spectators are becoming aware, you can fake doing the switch occasionally. Sometimes you can do the switch under cover of the L. hand which crosses over the R. o throw its card. In any case, if you practice the movesufficiently, no one, even those in the know, will be able to detect it.

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