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Product Review:

"M a k e Y o u r O w n S o f t w a r e"

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Ease of Use: 5 Stars
Usefulness: 5 Stars
Value for Price: 5 Stars

My Recommendation:

Mission-Critical Must-Have Tool.
You're crazy if you don't buy it immediately.
(for several reasons - read on)

Instant Download Available:
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Review in Depth:

With the endless supply of "marketing how to" information
available on the net, it's really refreshing when something
practical and useable comes along.

Rather than being told "how" to do it, I want something that
will "do" it for me.

"Make Your Own Software" is just that.

Even if you're not a software developer, you can use "Make Your
Own Software" to create a downloadable software application in

This sounds hard to believe, but I tried it myself and it
easily lives up to its claims and then some.

Using it myself, I was quickly able to brainstorm a simple
software idea, create a quick "recipe," click a few buttons, and ...

... poof! Out popped a software program.

I was shocked by how easy the process was.

This is truly one of the simplest and most powerful programs I
have reviewed in my entire life (and I've seen thousands).

You may not realize how important this technological advancement
is at first, but you will once you consider the following facts:

1. "It's the Product, Stupid"

No amount of marketing "how to" is going to make up for not
having a killer product.

People are sick of being told how to do it. They want
something that will "do it" for them.

"Make Your Own Software" will allow you to create a
virtually endless stream of new products with a snap of
your fingers.

Stop trying to sell "how to" and start selling
instant solutions. That's where the real money is.

2. Downloadable Viral Marketing Tools

OK, so you don't want to sell software. Fair enough.

You're crazy if you don't use software as a viral
marketing tool.

Many of the largest lists on the Internet were built using
free software downloads as an enticement for subscribing.

You can easily add viral twists to these tools and before
you know it hundreds or even thousands of sites could be
offering your free software - becoming virtual newsletter
subscriber magnets.

What if you created just one new tool like that a week?

How big would your list be inside of 6 months?

3. Create Value-Added Customer Helper Apps

What if you were to create applications that simply
added value to your existing products and services?

How much higher would your customer satisfaction be if
you created various software tools to teach, train,
support, or otherwise help your customers?

How many more sales would that added customer
satisfaction generate for you without any additional
effort year after year?

4. Upsell Products

As you probably know, selling new products to existing
customers is the easiest way in the world to make money.

It's 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than
it is to acquire a new one.

Why not create new products using "Make Your Own Software"
and sell them to your existing customer base?

Instant profits.

I could go on for hours about the virtues of this product.

Yes, it has it's limitations, but they are minor and easily
overlooked. With a little imagination one could create almost
any software idea with "Make Your Own Software" in short order.

I highly recommend getting your hands on this one while it's
still available. Rumor is it's creator doesn't want to sell it
forever, so he could cut off sales to this one at any time
(although he will continue to support it).

You can get your hands on it here: Click here!

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