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Vegan Links

You can miss the essential proteins that you could otherwise get from eating meat.
This site adresses all the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle.
Provides a comprehensive listing of animal rights/ vegetarian/ vegan events and information for people in Arizona. Seeks to unite individuals and groups with shared interests.

The Chocolate Room Contains vegan chocolate listings (for the UK and the USA), details of where you can buy vegan chocolate online, and recipes.

Food Ingredients Made from Animals Alphabetical list of food ingredients derived from animals.

On Being Vegan
An introduction to veganism from Vegan Outreach's "Vegan Starter Pack."

Planet Vegan
Many in-depth articles and other resources about the ethics, health and environment aspects of veganism.

Promoting the many compelling reasons to change to a vegan lifestyle.

Sparrow's Vegan Diet
A holistic vegan diet aimed at letting people eat as much as they want, while losing weight.

The Sunfood Diet
Promotes the raw-food vegan diet, with recipes, articles, resources, and information on the benefits of raw foods.

Tips for Promoting Veganism
Suggested strategies for vegans who want to share their views and encourage others to adopt their lifestyle.

Vegan Action FAQ
Answers common questions about the vegan lifestyle, its impact on human health, and its impact on the environment. Also includes a guide for making the transition to a cruelty-free life.

Vegan FAQ
Answers everything you might want to know. Details on almost every type of product you can buy and whether they are vegan - also health issues.


More Links
Vegan Outreach
A Vegan Primer by David Rolsky with Carl V. Phillips, PhD.
The Vegan Society Vegan Society Information Sheets Vegan Values
Vegan Village
Veganism in a
Nutshell Vegetarian Resource Group

Mailing List
The Vegetarian Site
Veggies Catering

Why Vegan?

Food Producers

GardenBurger, Inc. A leading manufacturer of veggie/grain meatless burgers, soy based burgers and non-burger products to the natural, grocery and food service channels.

Boca Burgers Producer and distributor of soy-based meatless food products to natural foods and mainstream grocery outlets. Site includes information about the company, products, and recipes.

Veggie Patch Wholesale Vegetarian food. Veggieburgers, vegetable patties, nuggets. Find product information, share and get recipes, join the Veggie Patch community.

Yves Veggie Cuisine Healthy veggie cuisine, with a guide to stores in your area where you can find our products.

Fantastic Foods Instant and frozen vegetarian meals. Links and zip-code locator for stores.

Morningstar Farms Manufacturer of a broad range of meatless products.

Sunergia Soyfoods Recipes, company story and product information regarding these makers of ready-to-eat, organic soy cuisine.

Small Planet Tofu Produces fresh, organic, firm and flavored tofu and excellent tofu recipes to spark your imagination.

Hong Kong Kam Kee Foodstuffs Trading Co., Ltd. Specializes in producing natural vegetarian food and Japanese seaweed.

Devansoy all Natural all Soy Devansoy Farms provides all natural soy based ingredients, products, technical support or completed finished and packaged products that will appeal to consumers searching for alternatives to milk.


Vegetarian Links

10 tips for Following a Vegetarian Diet - Vegetarian diets can meet all the recommendations for nutrients. The key is to consume a variety of foods
and the right amount of foods to meet your calorie needs. Get some great tips and a beginners guide to vegetarianism.
  learn more Learn more

HappyCow's Global Guide -
is a free vegetarian restaurant guide, providing vegetarians around the world with vegetarian & vegan healthy restaurant dining and health food store locations.

VegSource - Vegetarian and vegan recipes, discussion boards, articles, information from medical doctors, experts and nutritionists, and a community of people who share an interest in health, diet and the planet.

Awards 2004 - The Vegetarian Society UK - Now accepting nominations from the general public for vegetarian and vegan products and services in the UK. Award ceremony will be in London during National Vegetarian Week 25 June - 1st July. - List of famous vegetarians/vegans with quotes, links, recipes and a list of vegetarian restaurants.

Go Vegetarian! - Community message board for vegetarians and vegans, or anyone who is just interested in the meat-free lifestyle. Contains mainly recipes, and questions and answers on vegetarian/vegan food.

Living in Harmony with Vegetarians - Article which includes inspiring comments at the end from hundreds of vegetarian readers.

Living Vegetarian - Should you be a vegetarian, it can be a healthy way to eat. Reasons for becoming a vegetarian are personal and individual decisions. Some are ethical and some are for health reasons recommended by dieticians and doctors.

McDougal Wellness Center - Dr. McDougall has developed a nourishing, low-fat, starch-based diet that not only promotes a broad range of dramatic and lasting health benefits such as weight (fat) loss, but most importantly can also reverse serious illness, such as heart disease, without drugs.

Meat Filter - Contains information and news for vegetarians and vegans.

Valentines for Vegetarians & Vegans - Competitions, recipes, ideas, video and lots of information for vegetarians and vegans on Valentines day.

The Veg Blog - Includes news and links.

Vegetarian Made Easy - Offers vegetarian recipes, dietary information including protein and nutritional supplements. Provides listings of vegetarian restaurants and natural foods stores. Site articles discuss vegetarianism and switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Stuff - Site contains a message board, bookstore, tshirt shop, link directory.

Vegetarian Times - The Virtual Vegetarian - Online version of the excellent magazine.

Vegetarian Tips - Lists hundreds of tips and mini-facts relating to vegetarianism, vegans, health, nutrition, animal welfare, environment, and recipes.

Veggie Global - Contains an abundance of vegetarian resources.

Veggie Universe - Vegetarian and vegan recipes, tips, articles, and news, with new recipes by the author added weekly

Veggie Villa - Information on the vegetarian lifestyle - recipes, discussion, vegetarian children - and the ancient Indian tradition of ayurveda.

VeggieHeadOnline - Online forum for veggieheads to find out the latest vegetarian news, share recipes and info on veggie-friendly restaurants across the globe, and discuss topics related to the flesh-free lifestyle.

VeggieMK - What's happening for vegans and vegetarians in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, with restaurants, recipes, shops, ethics and vegan links.

Veggies Unite - Recipes are included here. - News and articles, which may be commented on and submitted by visitors.

VRG's Veggie Quiz - Rates your knowledge of vegetarianism.

Nutrition Links

A complete resource on the USDA's My Plate - Technical understanding of My Plate, a historical comparison of past USDA recommended programs including the Food Pyramid, commentary and analysis of the programs, and we believe is the best starting point on the internet for research in this area.

Ask the Dietitian - Ask Joanne Larsen, Registered Dietitian and nutrition counselor, about transition - it's more than eating fruits and vegetables.

HCF Nutrition Foundation - Focus is on soy. Contains information on diets, disease prevention and food nutrients.

Healthy Vegetarian - Provides information on non-animal sources for vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for health. Describes different dietary options and provides related links.

International Vegetarian Union - A non-profit organization governed exclusively by vegetarians. Links to articles published in various magazines by IVU Member Societies in several languages.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - PCRM, an organization of 5,000 physicians headed by Neal Barnard, M.D., advocates the nutritional reasons for shifting toward a plant-based diet.

Vegetarian Food Pyramid - A dietary guide with source suggestions, nutrient information and notes from the American Dietetic Association.

Vegetarian Nutrition and Health Letter - Each issue is packed with information to help readers plan diets that are easy, delicious, and healthful.

Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group - An invaluable resource to those who want access to concise, reliable, cutting edge resources and information on plant-based diets.

Vegetarian Nutrition FAQ - A source for answers to commonly asked questions about vegetarian nutrition.

Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers - Concise online brochure with information and related links.

Vegetarian Nutrition Information - Basic nutrient information.

Vegetarian Resource Group - A non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger.

The Vegetarian Society - Raising awareness amongst health professionals and the public about the personal health benefits the vegetarian diet offers. Information for infants to mature adults.

Veggie Life - Features valuable tips, recipes, and remedies from dietitians, chefs, doctors, and other health experts on great new ways to prepare creative plant-based cuisine, implement diet programs, and use natural remedies for an improved and vibrant lifestyle.

Veggie Living - A web directory containing nutrition and new vegetarian articles with links to companies, recipes, newsletters, books, a glossary and organizations.

Veggie Sports Association - A non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information related to vegetarianism, sports, and vegetarian nutrition in sports.