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Here are explanations for some commonly encountered error messages.

No Results Returned for...
The word(s), phrase or person you have searched for have turned up no matches either in the free2explore directory or on the Web at large. Check your spelling and syntax, or broaden your search, and try again. For tips on improving your search results, visit Search Tips.

Domain Name Lookup Failed (DNS Error)
When you click on a link, that page's URL is passed to your ISP's domain name server (DNS) by your browser. A DNS Lookup Failed message indicates that the browser could not contact your domain name server or that domain name server was not aware of the site. This can only be resolved by your internet service provider.

Error 404 or File Not Found
Though we strive to keep our directory as up-to-date as possible, the Web is constantly changing. The page may no longer exist or it may have moved to another address. If you receive a 404 message you'll automatically be directed to our site directory. A variey of content links will be available so you may resume throughout the site with minimal interruption.

Server Error or Server Busy Error
The computer you're trying to contact may be offline or may be busy. This is usually temporary; try again later.


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